The Time We Ate Ice Cream For Dinner

So yesterday afternoon I was soaking in the bath when Hubby announced that the electricity seemed to have gone out. It seemed a bit odd but figured that it would be on fairly soon and decided to take a nap.

I woke up about six and the power was still out. I started getting antsy. And grumpy. I read by the window and called my parents. Then it got dark so Hubby and I went back into the bedroom and laid down. My phone was just about dead, but both my Kindle and iPod were fully charged. So there was that.

We had just gone grocery shopping that day and had each gotten a pint of Ben and Jerry’s…something we do not often do, as it’s expensive, and they have about a million calories but they were on sale so we indulged…and as the hours crept by with no power I imagined our treat getting softer and more melted. There was only one thing to do…we would have to eat the ice cream. And so we had Ben and Jerry ‘s ice cream for dinner. And it was delicious.


11 thoughts on “The Time We Ate Ice Cream For Dinner

  1. I’m impressed you waited as long as you did before you started eating it. You waited until you were sure the outage was going to outlast the cold of the freezer. Many lesser people, cough *myself* cough, wouldn’t have waited nearly as long.

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