My Dad

On Saturday, Hubby and I went to visit my in-laws as my Mother in Law was leaving for Ireland the next day. While we were there, my Father in Law gives us money so that we could treat  ourselves to a dinner out that evening as we were heading out to do a few errands in town. 

We decided to stop by our favorite place in town, The Penguin Cafe. They seriously have the best food you can image, good beer and the ice cream. Oh  the ice cream. Unfortunately though, we pulled in and discovered that they were closed. We were disappointed as we don’t have a chance to visit too often. So we  went somewhere else for pizza, no ice cream.

This morning, I decided to visit the Cafe’s Facebook site and let them know that I was disappointed that they were closed (when their page said they were open). I left my comment and then returned to Facebook a little later to discover that my Dad had seen my post and had chipped in with the ever helpful advice for me to “learn how to cook”. 

I really need to introduce him to the Penguin. 


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