Bacon Peanut Butter Sandwich

If you recall, I was holed up all of Thursday and some of Friday with a nasty stomach bug. I didn’t eat a single thing on Thursday and Friday all I consumed was some toast with jelly and Ramen…and um, a bottle of hard apple cider. So when I woke up Saturday I was starving. Hubby figured I could use some extra protein and calories to make up for what I lost the prior two days by whipping up a suprise for breakfast.

A bacon peanutbutter sandwich.

And yep, I initially was grossed out when I saw what was on my plate. But I was starving and wasn’t up to going back and cooking my own breakfast so I took a tentative bite just to see how it tasted.

It was delicious.

Will I eat something like that ever again?

Um well, I’d love to say no. I shudder at thinking about how many calories and fat the combination contained. But if I needed a lot of protein for say, a long race or I was recovering from another similar bug…I might consider it.


9 thoughts on “Bacon Peanut Butter Sandwich

  1. UM…I am just getting over that horrible thing! I was throwing up from Friday night until Sunday….no fun…so hear you on this! Glad you are better! And what a dish! Ha! Nicole xoxo

  2. LOL! I don’t think I’d be able to stomach it, especially right after the stomach flu! When I’ve had the flu, I can barely convince myself to try eating toast… I’m too afraid! But I know other people who can consume a Portillo’s beef sandwich with peppers on their first day of recovering from the flu.

  3. I’m sorry…but gag city here!! Peanut butter alone…or with a gob of blackberry preserves is the only way for me. My hubby would probably like it…his sandwich is peanut butter and mayonnaise…. another gag city for me.

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