A Little Unwell

I was sick, again, Wednesday evening at work. I had been fine all day and then suddenly I was not fine. Then, probably should be going to the ER, not fine. It  was bad. Brutal. Honestly? I do not think I have ever been as sick as I was. I literally called my Mom sobbing from being in extreme pain. What was worse? I was stuck at work.

I was okay the next day, although I went to the walk in after I got done work. I was diagnosed with a stomach virus, but both my Mom and I suspect that I had a gallbladder attack as I have had bad stomach pains before, after eating fatty/greasy meals. Prior to getting sick on Wednesday, I had eaten lunch at Burger King. Of course with a problem gallbladder, it only is inflamed during an actual attack, so it was back to normal size by the time I saw a doctor…so now my Mom made me promise that I would avoid greasy food and if I did start getting those stomach pains like I have in the past…to go to the ER then and there and get checked out.

So now I’m cautious about what I eat. Silverlining…when I weighed myself Friday (after not eating since Wednesday afternoon), I discovered I lost 5 pounds.

Mentally, I’ve been out of sorts all weekend as well. Part of it I’m sure was fear of having another attack (did I mention the excruciating pain?) and part of it was the fact it was Mother’s Day and I felt homesick and all sorts of conflicted about the holiday. And probably the fact the weather, aside from today, has been fairly miserable didn’t help matters. 

Hubby and I are in the process of working on a project though, so when we get the details ironed out I’ll be reveling some info on it. It should be good and I’m excited about it.


15 thoughts on “A Little Unwell

  1. Oh my gosh I hope you are okay! That sounds awful! I have to avoid fast food a lot of the time also because it gives me bellyaches.
    Also how did you post this on May 12? Are you from the future? I am writing this on May 11!

  2. So sorry to hear that you were not well….glad you are feeling better! And I hope that the weather brightens up so that it brings you warmth and happiness. It must be hard to be far from home. Hope that you have a good week with your project! Nicole xo

  3. That’s not a good way to lose weight! If that is your problem, I hope you can either avoid aggravating it, or get it properly diagnosed and treated.

  4. Attacks like this are always so scary!! I have kidney stones and it’s always on my mind. I am always worried I will have a flare!!

    I hope you are feeling better!!

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