Unique Reading Habits

In a typical month, I read about 10  books. When I am home, I typically have two books going at one time…a physical book from my physically bookshelf and an ebook on my Kindle. My physical book will get taken around my apartment, outside, the living room, the bathroom…my Kindle book gets taken everywhere else.

I read just about everywhere. My Hubby teases me that the only place I don’t read is when I am driving although that is an exaggeration. A slight exaggeration. I admit though, thanks to the technology that allows me to access my Kindle library right on my phone…I literally am never without something to read and I do take advantage of that fact. Pretty much any time I find myself having to wait for something or someone…I automatically grab my phone, launch the Kindle app and get through a least a few pages of whatever my latest read is. I’ve read while waiting for something to cook, while doing laundry. Even at the grocery store, waiting for someone else to finish their shopping I might spend the time getting lost in another world.

I’m surprised that there hasn’t been stranger places I’ve found myself reading. Or maybe I do read in some interesting places, but I’ve gotten so accustomed to my habit that I no longer notice that I’m doing it.

How about you? Have you ever found yourself reading (or another similar habit) in a strange place that you’d never guess you’d ever find yourself?


7 thoughts on “Unique Reading Habits

  1. The Kindle app for ipad is wonderful for those times when waiting…like at the doctor’s office, etc. I haven’t been able to read much lately due to trouble focusing, but I used to enjoy reading so much. Wish I could get back to that.

  2. Hubby has a Kindle, but I’m still reading books. I love the smell of a good book. I’m guessing I read from 5-10 books every month too. Hubby and I so enjoy our books.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  3. Love my kindle app. It ensures that I always have a book handy. And couple that with my library’s overdrive app, I always have a book to listen to!

  4. Oh I am the same exact way and have been forever – always reading. I don’t mind waiting so much when I have a good book to take up my imagination and time

  5. I am still on paper books and I can only phone and text with my phone! I do have to watch what I am reading though, since I will laugh out loud if it is funny, which isn’t too bad, but I will also cry when it is very sad. And that has earned me some strange looks in the past!

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