For the Love of Animals

Over the weekend, I watched the documentary Black Fish, a film about Orca whales living in captivity in places such as Sea World. II had been wanting to watch it for awhile now, as Hubby’s sister works for Green Peace and has participated in demonstrations against the theme park.

I loved the film, even teared up several times throughout. I love animals, always have, and I tend to get very sensitive whenever the topic of animal cruelty comes up. I am not a vegetarian, though, it is something I have considered seriously many times over the years because I really hate the idea of how animals are treated on the majority of farms that supply the beef, pork and poultry we eat on a daily basis.

Before this movie though, I hadn’t thought too much about places such as Sea World and other places that “employ” animals as performers. Sure, those animals can also give scientist some valuable research…but at what cost? Being forced away from their natural habitats? Being forced away from their family members, especially their children?

After watching this, I can say for a fact that I will never visit Sea World, or attend any other shows that use animals for performing purposes. Further, I am reconsidering my diet. I’m not sure if vegetarianism is a feasible option, but I can make more of an effort to eat free range whenever possible. It will be more pricey, for sure, but I do think I’d feel better.


6 thoughts on “For the Love of Animals

  1. I have to say I feel irresponsible – I honestly have never thought about how those animals are treated at Sea World. I am so sorry they are abused and mistreated. What can be done?

  2. Thanks, I just put that in my Netflix queue. I hadn’t thought much about places like Se World, although I am very aware of the harm to animals in sports like horse and greyhound racing. Also, today I watched this, about lab beagles being rescued and cried like a baby:

  3. I was born and raised on a farm. The animals were food. We never mistreated animals, but they were food. I still feel that way. The people in the cities haven’t a clue about the food chain. That’s what I’ve noticed.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  4. When I had to go back on the meat due to the gluten problems, I was adamant I would only eat free-range, organically-fed meat. I just couldn’t tolerate anything else. So I totally understand.

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