Sometimes I Just Want to Scream

My work was (or is, as I still have to work tomorrow) overwhelming. It was one thing after another. Hopefully tomorrow’s extra five hours will be okay…but I’m not holding my breath I’m sure something else will come up The good thing is that I will have Monday off so I will still have three full days off. Sunday morning will be very full with the breakfast..but a good kind of busy The distracting kind.

When my husband picked me up today at work, he had to break the news to me that Gatsby (one of our cats) is missing and has been missing since Monday. And so I am worried. My Mom tried to assure me that he probably has a secret hiding spot he likes, and will come home when he gets hungry and tired of fending for himself but I’m worried.

The drama with my friend is still ongoing. Nothing new, it’s still the same situation as she waits for the court date to finally get unhitched from the POS (piece of shit) that is her soon to be ex…but it’s stressful, sad, lonely and frustrating for her. And frustrating and completely maddening for me as I’m mostly just a spectator in this and all I want to do is drive out to MI and punch the POS in his junk. Finally today, after the culmination of everything that already happened this week…I kind of cracked and shot off an email to my friend’s lawyer about a specific concern that should have been dealt with ages ago. I was very impressive and my friend now thinks I should be a paralegal. So, I’m taking it as a win. 

Tonight’s plan was going to be spent watching movies on Netflix but hubby’s friends came over for a game night (it was suppose to be held somewhere else). Not a huge deal, but I really was looking forward to a night to myself…especially after the week I’ve been having.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Want to Scream

  1. I didn’t realize you post very often….just like a diary…I like that dedication to writing…Sounds like you really need this long weekend to unwind….I constantly move only by choice…I have no where to go and no time to get there…I can’t imagine if I had a job I had to go to everyday or my days planned…yet I keep moving to stay young….Your friend with the POS ex is not alone…tell her to just hang in there but it might get worse before it gets better….My daughter’s divorce was finalized in January of 2012….he behaved for about 6 months and then went crazy…$68,000.00 in legal bills (not counting the actual divorce) and in court more then she’s at work there is no end in sight….she is so distraught and talk about being depressed…it’s just horrible what some men will do just to “get even”….in her case her daughter is involved….the scum won’t pay his share of child support and the judges in the NYC courts are no help…she’s been trying to get him to pay for almost a year now….the courts have let him postpone dates over and over again…as another blogger told me awhile back….he hates my daughter more then he loves his child….So just be there for her and listen to her vent because no one should have to go through this kind of torment…and there is no better way to describe it….Enjoy your time off….Sue.

  2. Blergh, life can just be so blergh sometimes right? Deep breaths is what I say and don’t worry – it’ll get better, for you and for your friend. Thinking of you this weekend

  3. Even though I am not facing any of your issues and problems, I feel the same way sometime. The good thing is though: no hubby who can bring back friends for a gamenight! Sometimes being single is a blessing.

    But you know you can scream in cyberspace though! Just capitalise the whole blog and let yourself scream until you’re done!

  4. Glad you enjoyed my haiku ~ Enjoy the weekend ~ it is yours to choose ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    ‘I am the master of my fate, I am Captain of my soul.’ famous quote

  5. awwww, this entry was difficult for me to read. I can only assume it was difficult to write. Life can be so hard some days, I think that is why I have created a bubble in which to live. I do the things I love to do and I am very fortunate that I don’t have to work. Life should be joyful!! It sounds to me like you are a very passionate soul and are so very kind and helpful to your friend!! I hope you get to relax this weekend and watch all those movies you missed out on!!

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