On the Road (Almost)

My work week is finally over. It wasn’t the worst week ever, but it definitely will be a contender with weeks I do not want to experience again. I don’t like blogging about work as blogging about work can get complicated…but basically we got hit with a storm and about 4:30am Wednesday morning I awoke to a power outage. 

We have a generator at work so I grabbed the directions, headed outside and attempted to get it running. I still had an hour before I had to be up and working, so I figured I’d get the power running again, then get a least 45 minutes of sleep before getting back up. That did not happen. First, I couldn’t get the generator moved out from the little shed we keep it in (both wheels were flat). I finally did get it moved (and I am SERIOUSLY feeling it today…my boss actually said he was surprised that I moved it at all)…then spend another 15 minutes fighting to get it plugged in. Finally got it plugged in and got it running…just to go inside and find out that it was doing jack shit and I had to call my boss. Luckily the electricity came back on before too long so it wasn’t a major issue…and I later discovered that the directions we had…were only about half the directions. There was a whole ‘nother process to follow AFTER the generator was running. But we won’t get into that…

So needless to say…I spend Wednesday craving a nap and today just feeling sore, grumpy and unmotivated to do just about anything, including any packing.

I did get most of it done though. We’re probably going to get a later start tomorrow as we still need to load up the car, I have to stop at the bank, and we will probably stop at Family Dollar for a few things we forgot to pick up at the grocery store…then hit the road. Fortunately we already planned to break the trip into two days so we’re not rushed…then at the end of the week we’re going to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Indiana Thursday into Friday and come home Saturday. When I was in college I went out to visit them a few times, but I haven’t seen them since my wedding so I’m looking forward to it. 

Right now though, I think I need some sleep. 


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