Camping: Day One


We left home yesterday at noon. It was a little later than intended, but still good for us. We actually would have left at 11 but Hemingway was being his typical asshole cat self, and refused to come inside…

The original idea was to drive halfway then stop to sleep. Instead we ended up driving strait through, only stopping for a few hours at a rest stop. The good thing was the puppies were really well behaved. We only had to deal with one accident, right at the beginning of the trip.

Because of this, we arrived at the campground first thing this morning and my best friend came around and we got to spend a few hours together. It was really good to see her and talk to her in person instead of communicating in calls and texts like we usually have to do.

After my friend left, we mostly just relaxed at the campsite as both of us were exhausted. The pups are enjoying themselves so far and still well behaved.

Tomorrow I’ll get to see my friend for a longer period of time, but the rest of our time here she will be working the evening shift…which came up last minute. So that’s a major bummer but it is what it is.


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