Hubby and I arrived home from vacation this morning…5am to be exact. We were fortunate to be able to tack on another day to our vacation as my boss texted me on Friday to let me know that he changed my schedule around and I didn’t have to come in until Tuesday (I’m working Thursday instead)…so we used the time to spend an extra day with my aunt and uncle…which was good.

I meant to blog during the trip, started to actually, but most nights I was just too tired. I’m kind of upset about that now as I kind of had an unfortunate accident with my phone (where most of my pictures from the trip are)…so I don’t know if I’ll be able to save them or what.

Michigan was low key for the most part. My friend worked a lot when we were there, but we still got to spend time with her. It was hard though, seeing her in the position she is in. It took a lot out of hubby and I emotionally to deal with her. I hope we helped her but it was hard to tell.

We did manage a trip to Mackinac Island on my birthday and I really enjoyed it. I want to go again, after doing some research first. We ended up just jumping on the ferry and going over without a plan…which was okay, but if we had an idea of what to expect first…it probably would have been a better trip. We ended up spending most of the time at the fort, then at dinner and went back. Then we crossed the bridge to the UP and visited Castle Rock which we both enjoyed.

We left Michigan on Thursday and spent the next two days in Indiana with my Aunt and Uncle. That was definitely the highlight of the trip. On Friday we went on a tour of Amish country and tried so much yummy food. My Aunt stocked me up with tons of stuff to bring home, muffin and gravy mixes, cheese and cold cuts. And we had ice cream while we shopped and it was one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had. That night we went out to dinner at a Mexican food chain and then my cousin took us to a bonfire that his friends were having. Before the bonfire we did a beer run at a store that specializes in craft beer. That was fantastic. We picked up a mixed six pack for ourselves and then one for Hubby’s friend (who is a professional brewer). The bonfire was fun. Hubby was adopted into the fold but I wasn’t feeling overly sociable.

The next day my aunt and uncle took us back to Michigan (they live close to the border) as we had wanted to pick up some Michigan wine for Hubby’s boss. We ended up at the Round Barn, which is a winery, brewery and distillery in one location. We did not try any of their spirits, but the wine was decent (the DiVine Black Walnut is rather legendary). It was way too crowded however, and the first girl that helped us was overworked and didn’t do much else aside from pour our selections without telling us anything about them. Towards the end someone else stepped in, who was much more personable but by that time we were on our last samples. I’m happy to say that the two we ended up bring home (the aformentioned black walnut and the Redel Doux were served by the new girl). We then went over to the brewery and was disappointed that they were not doing tastings. We did try two of their offerings and I fell in love with their porter. Overall the place was a win and I’d love to go back.


We headed back to NY on Sunday, but didn’t get home until 5am Monday morning…now it’s back to work for 3 days, then another busy weekend (fourth in a row!). After that, hopefully life will go back to normal.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. How good that you were able to be there for your friend. And how awesome does that last part of your trip sound! Yummy food and bonfires! SO my kind of time! Glad you got that extra day as well! Wishing you an outstanding week! Nicole

  2. sounds like a busy but fun vaca!!! i hope you are able to get your pictures from the trip, mine always help me to remember all the wonderful, happy times we shared!! i’m sure it feels good to be home!!!!

  3. That sounds like a fun trip. Some of my favorites were visiting my husband’s family up north (Wisconsin and Michigan and Maryland), just driving and exploring and not having a lot planned.But it’s always good to be back home!

  4. …an extra vacation day….how lucky you are.
    Now, I wanna know about this legendary Black Walnut Wine….does it have a hint of the walnut flavoring or is it just distilled in walnut barrels? I’m really curious. I love to go wine tasting.

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