It’s Almost Time For Vacation!

This past weekend, Hubby and I drove down to NJ so I could spend Father’s Day with my Dad. It was a pretty low key weekend, Hubby did a lot of work around the house for my parents and we squeezed in a trip to the Cape May Zoo, which is one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in the area. We did have a bit of a problem with our pet sitter however, which was unfortunate. Nothing major. The pups and cat are all okay, but he couldn’t handle the puppies. We were able to hang on to him until we returned late yesterday night (Sunday) but it did put a kink into our plans for next week…

After this week of work, Hubby and I are leaving to go to Michigan to visit my best friend. Up until this weekend, we hadn’t made any solid plans. We just figured that we would find a motel or something to stay in and kind of just travel at our leisure…but then we couldn’t find a pet sitter, and I wasn’t keen on putting them in a kennel…and let’s face it, it was hard enough leaving them for a weekend…forget about leaving them a whole week when they are still so young. So we spend lots of time between Friday night and Sunday afternoon figuring things out and eventually we decided that we were going to take the puppies with us and we were going to camp. We made reservations for a campsite at a state park out in MI, bought and borrowed ourselves some camping supplies and we should be mostly all set. We’re planning on taking two days each way of traveling, so those stops aren’t planned, and we’re going to take a detour to Indiana to visit my Aunt and Uncle (still have to call them about that) but at least the major part of the trip is set. 

I have no idea how much I’ll be posting during the next few weeks. I might try to at least post pictures that I take on my iPhone, or something but it all depends on whether I have dependable service. Last time I was in MI, there was no service in certain areas so who knows. Most likely I’ll be posting as much as possible on Twitter


In a Battle Against Nature, Nature Always Wins

My hubby is an outdoorsy kind of guy. This never fails to surprise me, as he is normally found holed up in front of a computer monitor…but mention the word hike or canoe to him and he’s all over it.

I am not an outdoors person unless I am sitting outside reading, or behind the lens of my camera. I do enjoy going for walks, leisurely, unchallenged walks…and I enjoy swimming. Beyond that though, not a fan.

But since I am living in an area that is so abundant in ourdoorsy activities…I’ve been trying to cultivate an interest. And, as I’ve already established that I enjoy walking…hiking seemed like the best gateway activity for me. The fact that Amazon had a very awesome sale on hiking shoes a few weeks ago sealed the deal and as soon as the boots arrived, we planned a trip to Giant Ledge.

We probably should have researched this trail before setting off as this is NOT a good beginners trail, especially for someone who suffers from inner ear issues that screws with her balance (that would be moi)…and who also hates heights (holy crap, did you see those pictures on that link!). But I mustered up some bravado, pulled up my big girl panties and we took off. Slowly. Very slowly as I carefully plotted each step. 

As we inched our way up the trail, I started getting more confident…which obviously spelled disaster. Just as I thought I was kicking the trails ass, my foot slipped while trying to climb over a sizable rock…and well, my face broke my fall. Blood was everywhere. Dripped on my already beat up glasses (which miraculously survived) my hands and arms. My jeans. Somehow my shirt managed to avoid the gore…

My first reaction was to freak the eff out. I do not handle pain nor my blood very well. In the past, I have been known to pass out/throw up from much more minor things (TB tests, getting stitches removed, spraining an ankle, etc) but my big girl panties stayed on and while I cried…I managed to stay conscious and not throw up. Even when hubby announced that he did not have magical abilities that would be able to summon help and/or a quick, pain free trip back down the mountain to the car. So instead Hubby helped me clean up best as he could, and some helpful hikers gave us some extra first aid supplies. Then we turned around and painstakingly made our way down the mountain.

Of course all the confidence I had on the trail earlier was completely shattered. It was one thing to go up the mountain, but now we were going down the mountain and the threat of gravity was just too strong so I decided that I would crawl down the mountain on my ass. And yes, it took forever but I managed to get off the mountain without any more injuries. 

We then drove to the nearest ER where I was taken right in. I guess when your face is scraped up and your lips are fatter than Angelina Jolie after botox it looks super bad. Thankfully nothing was broken. My teeth however are loose so I went to see a dentist on Tuesday, and I go back on Monday. So far they are intact, but loose and out of place. I’m hoping the dentist can help as my parents spent thousands of dollars worth of orthodontia when I was a teenager, and I’d hate like hell for my teeth to be ruined after that…but I guess I’m fortunate that having a snaggle tooth is preferable to a head injury or a facial fracture. I’m also thankful that my pain has been fairly manageable…or at least nothing a few Aleve haven’t been able to keep in check. 

I will probably go hiking again…but trust me, I will be doing my research first. 


The Riverside Cafe & Lodge

Needing a break, and something to celebrate…Hubby and I decided to celebrate our three year anniversary of our engagement and my two year anniversary of moving to the Catskills. We decided to have dinner at The Riverside Cafe, which Hubby has been wanting to try for awhile now and I’m a sucker for good food that I don’t have to cook.

The first thing that struck me about the Cafe was the view. It overlooks the Beaverkill River and is a very popular trout fishing spot, which was evidenced by the handful of anglers that had taken up sentry in the river. it didn’t seem that much was biting today, but it was a peaceful scene to accompany dinner. 


The beer and wine selection was fairly unremarkable, though I believe they have a separate menu. We both decided on a Sam Adams lager, and I did notice that aside from the pseudo local Roscoe Beer Company beer…nothing local.  But then again, perhaps there was a more extensive list on the drinks menu.

The menu is smallish, but there were quite a few specials. It’s fairly simple, and definitely geared towards meat eaters. There were several different types of steak, lamb, veal, and seafood were prominant. There were several pasta dishes that I was tempted by but at the end I caved to the crab stuffed trout (which was from a local hatchery). Hubby ordered the filet mignon. 

Before our entree arrived, a family style green salad arrived sprinkled with just a smidgen of feta cheese and four home made dressings…blue cheese, ranch, a balsamic vinaigrette and this Asian dressing. I’m sorry to say I am completely blanking on what exactly it was…but it was absolutely delicious. It was the consistency of honey and sweet, though not overpoweringly so. I had two helpings of salad just for the dressing. I wish I had smuggled some out, as I have some some salmon in the freezer I’d love to marinate with that stuff. 

And then came the bread. The homemade, hot out of the oven herb bread. One of the best breads I’ve ever eaten. And no, there was not a single crumb left.

Our entrees came just about the same time as we were finishing off the bread, so great timing. The first thing I noticed about my meal that the tail was still attached…and further inspection proved that the head was still intact as well. So I have to admit that that was just a teeny off putting, but I bravely separated those two parts and was able to focus on the main part of the fish. As it was a stuffed trout, it was deboned. I have no clue how they managed such a feat, but there was not a single bone to be found. It was very tasty. especially the crab. I’ve only had trout a handful of times, but I definitely need to eat more of it. It was served on a bed of risotto and cabbage, seasonal squash and asparagus but I did not eat more than a few bites as I was so full from everything else. I did however bring it home and will most likely eat it for breakfast tomorrow. I had a taste of Hubby’s steak, and it was delicious…even for someone who isn’t a huge fan of beef.


Even though I was full, Hubby convinced me to order dessert. I ordered the strawberry rhubarb pie and Hubby ordered a strawberry mousse. There were quite a few desserts, and my only regret for the night was by ordering what I did…I was very much tempted by the chocolate lava cake….but the pie was good. I’m still new to rhubarb, but the crust was delicious and I’m almost certain that the whipped cream was homemade. 

The Riverside Cafe is pricey, but it was well worth it. It’s been a very long time since I ate food that delicious…in fact, not sure if I’ve ever had food quite as good. Plus, I loved that after we finished eating, we were able to meander down by the river and relax in a porch swing, listening to the water run over the rocks. A wonderful way to celebrate two of our special anniversaries.


So Tired

I’m still grieving Gatsby. Or rather, I’ve yet to grieve. I cried on Monday, directly after finding his body…but that was more out of shock than anything. Since then though, I’ve been too busy. I went to work on Tuesday and since then it’s been a steady go, go, go. So far I’ve only had off most of yesterday and a few hours today and  both days I’ve been careful to keep my mind occupied so that I can’t focus on my loss. It’s probably not a good course of action though, as I’m sure the first time I have more than a few moments to idly think…it’s going to hit me and it’s not going to be pretty. My sister sent me a text message today, asking how I was doing and until then I hadn’t realized that I hadn’t really let myself grieve. I’ve just been too busy. Too busy, and too tired.

I’m tired. It’s not a physical tiredness so much, as an emotional tired. For three months straight, I’ve been putting myself aside in order to give myself to other people. I’m supporting my husband, both emotionally and financially. I’ve been giving my parents a lot of emotionally support while my Dad is recovering from his surgery and a subsequent illness…plus dealing with my youngest sister who, at 23 years old is still very immature and puts a tremendous stress on my parents. And then there is the ever ongoing issues with my best friend. With each passing day, my frustration level with my friend, her soon to be ex, her lawyer and the entire legal system grows exponentially. I hate to admit that, yes, my friend is frustrating…but I can’t deny it. My reaction is to fight but she is at the point where she doesn’t want to fight anymore…she just doesn’t have it in her anymore…and so I get frustrated. Probably because I’m just so tired of feeling as though I have to support everyone around me. Physically I’m just a little girl and I just cannot see how I can still stay standing with everyone leaning against me.

And then Gatsby goes and gets himself killed. Not even two years ago and he gets himself in trouble and I couldn’t save him. The most vulnerable of everyone around me and I completely failed him. I know it’s irrational. I know that I wasn’t even home when he went outside but I can’t help but feel that at least partially I am at fault. I was too distracted to think anything other than Gatsby was going on an adventure and would come home on his own. I was too distracted to decide to go out right away and search for him. Instead I left him die less than 500 yards from home, alone and scared. 

I really need something good to happen. I’m really not sure how much longer I can be strong for everyone and continue to support everyone around me. Who’s going to support me? 

RIP Gatsby


Gatsby has been missing since Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately today, Hubby and I found where he had crawled underneath a trailer nearby and passed away. We hope he went peacefully. We’re not sure what happened to him, he might have gotten hit by a car or perhaps ate some poison that might have been put out for some vermin in the area. 

I’m pretty heartbroken. As you might know, Gatsby and Hemingway were the first cats I’ve ever had and I got really attached to them both…and I like to think that Gatsby and I had a special bond…at any rate, he was my little purrbox. And I’ll actually miss the little presents he liked to bring me.

Needless to say, it’s not going to be an easy night or week for me and I will not be posting for a few days.


Sometimes I Just Want to Scream

My work was (or is, as I still have to work tomorrow) overwhelming. It was one thing after another. Hopefully tomorrow’s extra five hours will be okay…but I’m not holding my breath I’m sure something else will come up The good thing is that I will have Monday off so I will still have three full days off. Sunday morning will be very full with the breakfast..but a good kind of busy The distracting kind.

When my husband picked me up today at work, he had to break the news to me that Gatsby (one of our cats) is missing and has been missing since Monday. And so I am worried. My Mom tried to assure me that he probably has a secret hiding spot he likes, and will come home when he gets hungry and tired of fending for himself but I’m worried.

The drama with my friend is still ongoing. Nothing new, it’s still the same situation as she waits for the court date to finally get unhitched from the POS (piece of shit) that is her soon to be ex…but it’s stressful, sad, lonely and frustrating for her. And frustrating and completely maddening for me as I’m mostly just a spectator in this and all I want to do is drive out to MI and punch the POS in his junk. Finally today, after the culmination of everything that already happened this week…I kind of cracked and shot off an email to my friend’s lawyer about a specific concern that should have been dealt with ages ago. I was very impressive and my friend now thinks I should be a paralegal. So, I’m taking it as a win. 

Tonight’s plan was going to be spent watching movies on Netflix but hubby’s friends came over for a game night (it was suppose to be held somewhere else). Not a huge deal, but I really was looking forward to a night to myself…especially after the week I’ve been having.

Being Busy

I am gearing up for a busy weekend. Thursday (today), after I get done work at 9am, will be the only day where I have absolutely nothing to do. On Friday I am picking up a few hours of overtime. On Saturday our town is having an out door farmers market in which the Lion’s Club will be selling hot dogs. On Sunday the Lion’s Club is holding the annual pancake breakfast. And somewhere in there I’m aiming to make a pie for the American Legion’s Memorial Day pie sale.

I am tired, and I haven’t even gotten started. In fact, I probably won’t participate on Saturday…although, no doubt I’ll walk down to see what’s going on.

I don’t like being busy. I don’t like rushing from one activity to the next, without a chance to just be. I like my space. I like having time to curl up with a book, or my laptop or even Netflix and just enjoy the company of myself.

And a lot of times I feel like I am in the minority. It seems like we are living in a society hell bent on always being busy. Part of it is out of necessity I am sure…lots of people need to work overtime, or multiple jobs to make ends meet. Or work jobs where they are required to put in insane hours. But there are just as many people who willingly say yes to every opportunity that comes their way. There is always such a rush to get to the next thing that I just can’t understand how anyone is able to enjoy what they are doing in the moment.

Are those people even enjoying what they are keeping busy with? Or do they stay busy because they are scared of just being still? Or do they even know how to just sit on the couch and watch tv, or read a book…or just sit quietly. Maybe that scares them into constant movement.

Personally I love stillness. I find that I have a better understanding of myself and that when I do decide to participate in something I truly enjoy myself because I choose not to live my life as a busy person. My life is rich, just as rich as the person who crams 30 hours of activity into a mere 24 hours.